Freek Wambacq “Rain after snow”

October 10th, 2013 – , .
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Freek Wambacq’s “Rain after snow” is a multisite solo show that begins at Objectif Exhibitions and maps a trail of unlikely objects—such as celery, an electric toothbrush, and a box of halved coconut shells—through fourteen various (and equally unlikely) locations in Antwerp: a fitness center, a butcher’s shop, a hearing aid center, and so on. Each displayed item is used for sound effects in Foley cinema: halved coconuts for a horse’s gait, for instance. The objects, however, remain silent, with their sounds only implied through the title of the works. See, for example, Sheet lightning and rumbling thunder (all works 2013), which is installed at a tailor’s shop and evokes thunder through a sheet of stainless steel hanging on the wall next to a mirror. It is motionless, yet charged with the possibility of thunder.